Founded in 1999, the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) is an entirely student-run organization which aims to foster student entrepreneurship at Princeton. We are one of the biggest groups on campus, encompassing 15 teams with campus-wide impact and beyond. We aim to be a catalyst for entrepreneurial activity among students of all backgrounds, bringing students from a broad range of fields together to solve meaningful problems entrepreneurially.

  • Our community is far reaching and represents a sizable portion of the undergraduate population:

  • Our weekly newsletter reaches over 1600 people per year.

  • Over 100+ students actively work within E-Club as an officer or director.

  • Last fall, roughly 23% of the incoming Class of 2019 (307 students) expressed interest in receiving our newsletter, attending E-Club events, and/or applying for officer positions. Over a thousand students per year benefit from attending E-Club events.



We aim to provide an environment in which Princeton students can take entrepreneurial action in all fields and interests. Programs such as TigerTables and TigerTrek help to facilitate discussions between students and spark ideas.


We aim to equip students with the practical tools they need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Programs such as HackPrinceton and TigerLaunch focus on some of the most fundamental skills in this pipeline, from building a product to pitching it.


We aim to build connections with alumni, investors, and entrepreneurs in key entrepreneurial hubs. Our TigerTreks in Silicon Valley and New York City are critical to growing Princeton’s ecosystem of entrepreneurs, developing both a strong campus community and presence in the startup world.



The people in charge of making sure all events run smoothly

Samihta Karmati


Shreyas Garg


Christina Huang